Convenient Off Site-remote Access so your company keeps operating without down time.

Install, set-up, Restructure or Fine tune existing files for optimal performance.

Available for one time projects or ongoing services to fit your organizations needs.

Non-Profit / For Profit - Property Management bookkeeping specialist.

Extensive knowledge of the Condominium Act and issuing of Status Certificates

Know which property is making or breaking your bank.

A correctly executed file set up will deliver detailed information for ease of budgeting,

tracking overdue accounts, accelerating revenue and expense processing.

Over 15 years hands on experience with diverse array of industries, complex payrolls and

QuickBooks industry specific customization complimented with a personable professionalism,

strict confidentiality policy, dependable, knowledgeable & reliable service at all levels you can count on.

Payroll processing can be a daunting task with all the rules, regulations, legislation's and filing.

As a  Payroll Certified Practitioner and a member in good standing with the Canadian Payroll Association,

and  the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada,

criteria's, codes of ethics & conduct must be met

requiring  a sincere dedication of continued education in the profession.

Not all small business owners took entrepreneurship or other business courses during their college years.

As a result, many small business owners simply do not know the ins and outs of bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is more than just basic addition and subtraction,

and requires a good grasp of fundamental accounting principles.

Any accounting software is only as good as the individuals knowledge in how to utilize the many features

to reduce risks of audit problems, missed filings and complicated yearend tax filings.

A correctly executed file setup for your specific industry needs will result in maximized efficiency and

accuracy of daily operations generating clean, clear reports, condensing yearend filing processes,

adding up to cost savings.

The inability to properly document expenses and profits can inhibit a business’ ability to grow.

After all, how can a business owner make correct financial decisions

if the financial records are not up-to-date or accurate?

If a small business owner can’t explain exactly when and where money goes in and out of his business,

                                                                it is probably time to hire

Fee platforms are structured to work within your companies budgets and convenience

Hourly rates, monthly package value price and one time project charge

QuickBooks (desktop) Workshops/Training- available in house groups or one on one

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Certified (PCP) Payroll & Bookkeeping Services

Certified (PCP) Payroll & Bookkeeping Services

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